The R166 Bearing from Acer Racing Brings Champion Grade Quality

With over 24 years in the RC industry, it should come as no surprise that, at Acer Racing, we provide the absolute best and latest in R/C racing accessories. Since our inception, we have provided our clients with ceramic ball bearings that allow RC cars to perform at a professional level. That's why it should come as no surprise that our ceramic bearings are made from the same materials used by champion racers like Chad Bradley, Jeremy Kortz and Greg Degani. 

When you use a ceramic ball bearing, its thermal properties prevent friction from building up, resulting in an unbeatably smooth, fast ride. Furthermore, these ball bearings are shatter-proof, and their superior properties prevent deformation under loads – resulting in consistently high performance results over time. Take, for example, our 3/16x3/8 size r166 bearing. Made from World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing material, the bearing is also SIN synthetic oiled and dual-sealed. With such impressive specs, it rarely comes as a surprise that so many racers find their use of the r166 bearing as one of the most crucial decisions made in their racing experience.

Ball bearings from Acer Racing our widely regarded as the Hardest Balls in the Industry, and now, we've brought our high performance bearings to cyclists as well. We understand that today's competitive bicycle rides demand lightweight, top-notch racing products, and just like for our RC racing products, we've delivered exceptional results.  
Whether you're an aspiring bicyclist or RC racing champ, find precisely what you're looking for with Acer Racing. Browse our inventory online today.