Porsche Titanium Lug Bolts


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      Porsche Titanium Lug Bolts

      At ACER Racing we offer two series of Aerospace Grade 6AL4V Titanium Lug Bolts for Porsche vehicles. One is the lug bolt nuts which is for the Air Cooled Porsches like the Porsche 964 and Porsche 930 and the other series is for the Porsche 911, Cayman, Boxster, 718 all of which use the same bolt.

      The stock Porsche water cooled bolt is the M14x1.5x29mm bolt. The way this is measured is as follows:
      M14 means a 14mm thread width
      1.5 is the thread pitch (distance between the threads)
      29mm is the shaft length measured when the washer is pushed all the way up and then measured from the washer base to the end of the threads

      Our washers are movable just like the OEM Porsche washer.

      If you are using spacers, we offer 3 additional lengths to accommodate spacer use: +5mm, +10mm and +15mm. These 3 spacer lengths translate to a shaft length of 34mm (+5mm), 39mm (+10mm) and 44mm (+15mm)
      We also make the Porsche Cayenne Lug bolts which use a 39mm shaft length bolt.

      If you have the Porsche GT3, be sure to note if your GT3 came with the 5mm factory spacer. If it did then choose the 34mm shaft length version. If not, then choose the 29mm version.
      If you are unsure simply remove one lug bolt off your car and send us a photo or do your own measurements and purchase based on those measurements.


      We do offer black titanium lug bolts for Porsche. We use a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process which is much better and more durable than simply anodizing or powder coating titanium. PVD is a complex process which vaporizes a number of metals and then binds them on the surface in layers in a heated vacuum. This is the same process used on the beautiful black finish of high end black luxury watches such as Rolex and Panerai watches. We are always asked if the natural titanium finish will look good against a darker wheel and our answer is yes. Natural titanium pops very nicely against a dark wheel and you will be showing off the beautiful titanium you paid for so it would make sense to go natural but many customers still prefer a black titanium so we offer the best solution with the PVD Black Titanium finish.

      We also offer Titanium Lock bolts either purchased separately or as an option when purchasing your wheels. When purchased with the wheel bolts we replace 4 of the regular bolts with lock bolts and include a beautiful titanium key as well. We only offer the lock bolts in the 29mm length. If your car came with lock bolts you can always use the same lock bolts too.

      If your Porsche has aftermarket wheels please make sure to check if they use the exact same lug bolts as we show in our photos. Many wheel manufacturers will change the seat from the ball seat to a cone seat and these are not interchangeable. If unsure just check the lug bolt the aftermarket wheel takes or requires.

      We can always make a custom length lug bolt if you don't see what you need just email us info@acerracing.com

      18 products

      18 products