Customer Reviews

Don't take our word or our numerous championships for is what just some of our customers have to say about ACER Racing products:

“I originally purchased a 2015 Tesla S P 85D with ludicrous plus mode. The original 21 mm lug nuts came with a cap that now expanded so much in 2022 I had to use 22, 23 and 24 mm. I absolutely did not want to purchase any products that were going to rust and corrode within a year so I eliminated all of the gorilla lug nuts. EVANNEX claims to have all kinds of special Tesla parts, but they failed to have a complete full size, titanium lug nut for my 2015 mag wheels. Fortunately, Acer Racing had exactly what I needed full size titanium lug nuts. Tesla service was embarrassing useless, all the local stores were useless, Amazon had nothing, but one email answered immediately and the only ones who had the perfect titanium lug nuts for my 2015. I immediately just contacted ACER Racing. By far my best experience that had exactly what I wanted. Thank you so very much for your parts and superb support." Grant K. from USA

"Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. I pedal less and go even faster. For the past 7 years, I have been cycling with stock steel bearings in my Fulcrum racing 1 free hub (pedaling hard and making me slow). I changed the outer freehub bearing to your 6803 ceramic bearing and the speed gain is just phenomenal. I still have the freehub inner bearing to remove, once I have done that, I will get in touch so you can get me one more 6803. I am buying one more of this item instead of a complete new freehub. There is nothing wrong with my freehub, it simply needs new bearings and can last another 5 years easily. I love you all at ACER Racing: all my questions were answered and I got a great product. Thank you again. I will let every cyclist know where to buy ceramic bearings." Mireille from U.K.

"Hello, I wanted to let you know I just finished servicing one of my ABU Ambassadeur fishing reels with ACERGoo synthetic grease and SIN oil and all I can say is this is really some amazing stuff. I choose one of my 30+ year old ball bearing reels and it came out so nice it will now be one of my go to reels, the performance is just unbelievable. Thanks for a great product!" Jim, USA

"I put ACER ceramic's in my Slash 4x4 and they are far superior to any stock bearing or should I say conventional ball bearing." Todd A., USA

"Thanks, I am really happy with the Titanium screws and the Ultra-O silicone o-rings." Brett W. USA

"Thanks for the great bearings! With the [B4.1] kit bearings I could not run more than one battery pack without my motor getting too hot. Installed your kit and could not believe how much cooler my motor ran. This weekend my team did a 250 minute enduro race non stop and won first. 4 and half hours, 479 laps, one set of tires and my car came off the track at 120. You now have a customer for life." Jayson M., Arizona USA. 

"I have bought and tried your ceramic engine bearings and they are perfect!" Marco M. - Italy

"I am a massive fan of your products and since installing my first set of ACER bearings my lap times have decreased and i now have more trophies! Keep up the great work!" Shane E. - Australia

"I love your bearings and i am using them in fishing average branded bearing from fishing/sportcasting arena are nothing compared to yours..I have tested them for a recorded spin time of 5min 30s...a branded hybrid ceramics can spin about 3min!" Zai K. - Singapore

"Fast response I'm impressed - thank you for the info- excellent work." John B.

"My order arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for the great customer service!" Gustavo M. - California

"I use ACER bearings in all my race vehicles which see multiple race days every week.  I’ve tried every bearing out there and these are by far the best.  Plus the customer service is second to none." Jim W. California

"I bought a set of your Polyamide sealed ball bearings for my car a while back. Great stuff, very happy!" Alex M.

"These are the best in the industry!" Adrian C., Virginia USA

"The bearings rock! So smooth!" Jeff S.

"My experience with ACER Racing has been great. Thanks!" Joe.

"Thanks for the quick response to my email  and I would just like to say a big thank you as I have received my order today . It's a credit to your company with such a speedy delivery , I will be using your company as the turn around time from placing the order to receiving the parts is just as quick as if I had ordered the same parts from the UK." Chris M. UK

"Thank you.  I wasn't expecting a reply so quick!" Jeff H. USA

"I run your ceramic bearings in my Revo 3.3 converted to brushless (MMM/2200kV/4S), and I want to say that I absolutely love them...they are by far the best bearings I have ever owned, even better than the other ceramic bearings I have owned!" Chad R. USA

"You guys are as awesome as I had heard!" Kevin D. Canada

"We had the smoothest rolling car in the field thanks to the fantastic ACER ceramic ball bearings." Karl L. from Switzerland

"ACER's customer service is impressive. Thanks again!" Albert H. from California

"Thank you for the speed of your service!" Christophe M. from France

"Many Thanks ACER! Great service, better than most stores here in my country." Bouke G. from The Netherlands

"Using ACER Racing bearings I WON! In Austin Texas there was the 8th annual Lone Star round up.  a car show of hot rods, choppers, ect.  There are many local shops who have open houses during the time of this show.  One of them was Flyrite Choppers in Tyler Texas.  They were having Valve cover racing.  I've never done/competed or even seen one of these events but I built two valve cover racers anyways.  Although both made it several rounds, one was knocked out by the car who would eventually be the second place finisher.  Second place to... ME.  My other racer made it to the end and I was triumphant."

"Thank you ACER Racing for giving me the FASTEST BALLS there."

"I'll be back next year to defend my title." Chris G. from Texas

"Hello. I just recently made my first Acer bearing purchase and I purchased a Ceramic Nitride Pro bearing kit for my Mugen MTX4R and they are fantastic. I think I may very well be a Acer man for life. I will be ordering a set for my Traxxas Slash as well." Peter C.

"I have been running these bearings in both my savages. Ceramics Pro series are some of the best around. Even run them in my CB's." Hopalong

"Been using these bearings in my Hellfire and Savages.. Love them!" Judicator

"Welcome, and glad to have you guys here. I run your ceramics in my savage and have never had a problem. I'll definitely be picking up a set soon." Dubsak

"Fantastic bearings. I've used them in my 1/8 scales for a while." ATR Repair

"I ran ACER ceramic nitride bearings in all of my 10th scale vehicles when I was racing for Associated. Very nice products, looking forward to seeing what you can bring to the Baja market." 5th Scale Canada

"I currently use ACER Racing bearings in my other kits and notice a major difference in every aspect. I would like to swap out the bearings in my club car which is a HPI Sprint 2 Sport. I want the Ceramic bearings but I don't see a kit offered. Do you have an appicable kit or single bearings? Any help would be greatly appreciated." Joseph S.