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      bicycle bearings

      ACER Racing presents our latest line of high performance, super strong and ultralite ceramic, carbon fiber and titanium products for all bicycles including BMX, mountain bikes and road bikes. Today's competitions demand lightweight bicycle racing products that are also strong and durable. ACER Racing has found three materials that achieve all these goals: 6AL4V Aerospace Grade Titanium, Silicon Nitride Ceramic and Carbon Fiber. Every product we will showcase in the next few months will incorporate one or more of these amazing materials in order to allow you to do what we have done best since 1989: race faster, longer. Our Silicon Nitride Ceramic bicycle bearings are the ultimate in low friction and low rolling resistance. Try our ceramic and carbon fiber jockey wheels for lower rotational mass leading to snappier acceleration in your derailleur, 6AL4V Titanium M6x20 Screws for half the weight of steel, and 6806 Ceramic Bearings that look great and have the lowest rotating mass of any 6806 bearing. Also be sure to check out our full line of 6AL4V titanium screws in our titanium screws category. All bearings and titanium screws listed in this section can also be used in many other applications.

      41 products

      41 products