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      differential balls, silicon nitride ceramic balls, diff balls
      Back in 1989 in sunny Santa Monica California, we started the Ceramic Ball Bearing craze as the first company to pioneer Ceramic differential ball and ball technology. Our
      belief was that lightweight racing was the future of all racing and we were right. Our Ceramic Silicon Nitride Balls were harder and 79% lighter than tungsten carbide which lowered rotational mass, increased speed, decreased heat and friction, and lasted much longer. We pioneered lightweight differential ball technology to the masses with the introduction of our world famous Ceramic Nitride Pro Series differential balls. At 79% lighter than tungsten carbide, these ceramic balls, made from pure Si3N4 silicon nitride, allowed racers to tear up tracks with unprecedented lap times due to significantly lower rotational mass in their differentials without sacrificing hardness or durability. In fact, our Ceramic Nitride pro series differential balls outlast even tungsten carbide dif balls. That's why we became instantly known as "the hardest balls in the industry."
      From our World Famous featherwight Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Silicon Nitride balls to our super strong Tungsten Carbide differential balls to our superlite HCCA ultralite differential balls all our diff balls are known for their smoothness, hardness, lightness and consistent concentricity.
      For use with a wide variety of applications including in ball bearings, bicycles, valve balls and linear devices.

      Try a fresh set of our differential balls in your differential today and see the results for yourself. Our balls have many applications including cycling. We have added four new ball sizes for hardcore bicycle racing: 1/4" Silicon Nitride balls, 3/16" Silicon Nitride balls, 5/16" Silicon Nitride balls and 7/32" Silicon Nitride balls.

      Ceramic Nitride Pro Series
      : the lightest and hardest balls
      Tungsten Carbide: still the favorite of many racers
      HCCA ultralite: lightweight and economical

      36 products

      36 products