Carbon Fiber Jockey Wheels


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      carbon fiber jockey wheels for cycling with ceramic bearings

      At only 6.5 grams each, ACER Racing's Carbon Fiber Jockey Wheels with our world famous Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearings are the ultimate jockey wheels for road bikes or mountain bikes. 11 teeth each, choose from 10 Speed rear derailleur or 11 speed derailleur versions. Lighten up the rotational mass in your derailleur with these jockey wheels and feel the difference. In competitive cycling, every gram counts.

      12 speed

      We also have alloy jockey wheels for SRAM XX1 11/12 speed and SRAM Eagle 12 speed also using our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing but with a lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy jockey wheel instead of carbon fiber.  Due to the shape required for the SRAM 12 speed systems we cannot manufacture these from carbon fiber hence a lightweight alloy is engineered instead.

      Carbon fiber jockey wheels, also known as pulley wheels, are key components found in bicycle derailleurs. These small but significant parts play a crucial role in the smooth and efficient operation of the drivetrain system. Carbon fiber jockey wheels offer several advantages over their traditional steel counterparts.

      One of the primary benefits of carbon fiber jockey wheels is their lightweight nature. Carbon fiber is known for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal material choice for components where weight reduction is critical. By using carbon fiber, jockey wheels can be significantly lighter than metal ones, reducing rotational mass and enhancing overall bike performance.

      In addition to their weight savings, carbon fiber jockey wheels also exhibit excellent stiffness and durability. Carbon fiber possesses high modulus of elasticity, allowing it to resist deformation and maintain shape under load. This stiffness contributes to the efficient power transfer and precise shifting performance. Furthermore, carbon fiber is resistant to corrosion and does not rust like metals, ensuring long-lasting functionality and reliability.

      The smooth operation of jockey wheels is essential for maintaining efficient drivetrain performance. Carbon fiber jockey wheels often feature high-quality bearings, which reduce friction and ensure smooth rotation. The low friction and improved rolling characteristics provided by carbon fiber jockey wheels can enhance overall pedaling efficiency and contribute to a more enjoyable cycling experience.

      Moreover, carbon fiber jockey wheels can offer improved shifting precision. The design and construction of carbon fiber jockey wheels often include advanced tooth profiles and optimized pulley cage geometry. These features enhance the chain engagement, reducing chain noise, and improving shifting accuracy. This is particularly beneficial for cyclists who demand precise gear changes, such as professional racers or enthusiasts who value optimal performance.

      While carbon fiber jockey wheels provide numerous advantages, they may come at a higher cost compared to traditional metal jockey wheels. The manufacturing process for carbon fiber components involves specialized techniques and materials, contributing to the higher price point.

      Overall, carbon fiber jockey wheels are an excellent choice for cyclists seeking lightweight, durable, and high-performance components for their drivetrain system. The combination of reduced weight, improved stiffness, durability, smooth operation, and enhanced shifting precision make carbon fiber jockey wheels a popular choice among cyclists looking to optimize their riding experience.

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      1 product