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      Silicone wire

      SUPERWORM was invented by ACER Racing and is the industry leader in low resistance flexible copper wire technology. Available in 6 sizes: 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge and 18 Gauge. Up to 1650 strands of copper wire with a super flexible silicone jacket. Remember, silver has the lowest electrical resistance of any metal followed by copper which has even lower electrical resistance than gold. Our wire can be used in any high performance application where a very flexible and very efficient wire is required and is also the best test lead wire. Save voltage, extend run times, race faster and reduce heat with SUPERWORM. Only by ACER Racing: accept no imitations.

      ACERBraid Silver

      We have not forgotten the days when we used ¼” flat braided wire to make our battery packs, because we still use them. Why? Because they work better than battery bars. The low resistance copper wire has lower resistance than gold and is specially woven to allow solder to flow through allow more contact between the wire and the battery, not between solder and the battery. We have silver plated the copper wire with the lowest resistance metal: SILVER!! Pure silver over copper, now that's the ultimate. Less contact with high resistance solder allows more contact with low resistance copper wire for the best flow of juice between your battery cells. Try it today!

      8 products

      8 products