Which bearings are best?
All our bearings are manufactured with the finest quality products and are hand inspected before being shipped.  For all racing and track applications including bicycle racing, skateboards, RC racing, and competitive fishing we recommend the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearings due to the fact that they will drastically improve acceleration and snap out of the corners, and are much more resistant to high performance, high RPM and high heat racing conditions.

These are the same bearings used by our ACER Racing team racers such as Greg Degani, Chad Bradley, Andrew Smolnik and Jeremy Kortz, not to mention other world and national champion racers who use them in their cars.  They are super lightweight due the low mass of the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series balls which weigh 79% less than tungsten carbide.  This provides for lower centrifugal force and much lower friction.  Simply put, these are the best.
The Dual Super Polyamide Sealed rc bearings are also an excellent choice.  While the HCCA ultralite balls are not as light as the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series balls, they are lighter than conventional bearings and are a very durable bearing for all applications.

The Teflasonic rc bearings are a tried and tested bearing great for the budget minded RCer.  These are just as durable as the Polyamide Sealed rc bearings but use grease for lubrication and have low resistant dual PTFE seal. 


Do I need to lube my bearings or are they prelubed?
All our non-ceramic bearings are prelubed and do not need lubrication prior to installation.

The Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC Bearings use our special SIN synthetic lightweight oil which we allow to ionically bond to the balls and the ball bearing race before being shipped to you.  Remember, we oil our ceramic bearings to allow your bearings to spin a lot faster, increasing acceleration and lap times. We could just pack them with grease but that would slow your car down and defeat the whole purpose of running ceramic bearings.  Our RC ceramic bearings come pre-oiled with ACER Racing SIN synthetic oil but we recommend dropping one drop of SIN oil onto the ceramic bearing seal before final installation in your car, and do make sure they are always well oiled, the same way you would check the oil in your car engine. Also note that if Nitro fuel or cleaners get onto the bearing they will dry the bearing out so make sure if this happens you add a few drops of SIN oil onto the bearings so they are properly lubricated.  Remember, a clean and well oiled ceramic bearing is a happy and fast ceramic bearing! Our larger sized bearings use ACERGoo 100% synthetic grease. We have found most customers especially those using these as cycling bearings prefer grease over oil as they are quieter and grease allows the bearings to last longer. However, we do use a proprietary volume of grease to allow these benefits without significantly slowing the bearing down.  There is always a tradeoff between grease vs oil in a ball bearing which is why all our bearings have removable seals so you can customize them to your own bearing lubrication preferences.

How do I CLEAN my ball bearings?
Cleaning your bearings is easy.  Regardless of which bearing size you have purchased, and regardless of your application, you need nitro RC engine motor spray and the RPM Bearing Blaster to easily clean your ball bearingsTA Emerald Performance Plus electronics cleaner is an example of the type of cleaner to use. We have found that the RPM Bearing Blaster is the best device to clean your ball bearings because it does not require the removal of the bearing seal. Removal of seals can cause distortion of the seal leading to high levels of friction in the bearing which can slow a bearing down.  Simply place the ball bearing in the RPM Bearing Blaster device and spray it through the hole in the Bearing Blaster.  Make sure to allow the bearing to completely dry overnight before relubing with SIN oil.  This is a very important step - if the bearing is not completely dry the motor spray will eat the lubrication and leave you with a dry bearing that is not properly oiled. Make sure the bearing dries overnight then relube by dropping a few drops of SIN oil on the seal, allow to penetrate then wipe off excess and install!

What is the difference between the three different types of differential balls?
Weight is the biggest difference.  The Ceramic Nitride Pro Series are the lightest by far, then the HCCA ultralite, then the tungsten carbide.  The lower the weight the lower the rotational mass meaning the higher the acceleration and top speed.  Low weight differentials are critical for racing applications.  Contrary to popular belief, Ceramic diff balls are actually more durable than even Tungsten Carbide, and they will not crack or break.  So for racing purposes the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series differential balls are absolutely the best.

Are your ceramic differential balls only coated with ceramic?

NO! All our ceramic differential balls are 100% Silicon Nitride and are NOT merely ceramic coated steel.  Our ceramic differential balls will also NOT crack or shatter as they are made from the finest aerospace grade silicon nitride. These ceramic differential balls are also polished to a mirror finish for the ultimate in smoothness and friction free performance.


Why are the widths not listed for the bearings?

Our ball bearings are listed by their inner diameter x outer diameter, i.e. 5 x 10 mm is a 5mm inner diameter and 10mm outer diameter.  The widths are not listed because they are always standard. There are a few sizes we do list the widths for because they are non-standard widths but usually they are standard.

Can I buy ACER Racing products from my local retail store?
Currently we are selling directly from our website to bring you the lowest possible pricing. Many stores do however carry our products.

I want to buy just one ball bearing can I?

YES! All individual ball bearing prices are for increments of one ball bearing.

How do I get sponsored by ACER Racing?

Unfortunately due to the large number of sponsorship requests we receive we are only able to sponsor National and World Champion racers.  Keep up the racing though and who knows, you may be the next ACER Racer!  If you are interested in being sponsored you may email us at info@acerracing.com. Be sure to include the words "Sponsorship Request" in the message area and include a copy of your resume.

I know someone who wants to be the next ACER Chick, what do I do?
We are always looking for the next ACER Chick.  If you would like to be considered please mail or email us your photos and specifications (height, measurements etc).  All models must be at least 18 years of age.

How much is shipping?
For orders $40+ there is currently FREE USPS First Class air shipping to anywhere in the WORLD!!