About Us

Established in 1989 in sunny Santa Monica, California ACER Racing pioneered the racing scene by the introduction of the first Ceramic Nitride Pro Series balls, followed by their World Champion ceramic ball bearings. They were the first American company to win the IFMAR World Championship with factory team driver Greg Degani. Developing a tremendous following by racers worldwide, they have won numerous national and international races around the globe. Our customer base is as diverse as our products: from Fortune 500 companies to hobby enthusiasts and everyone in between.

All ACER Racing products are engineered with the latest technologies and exotic materials to help you slash friction and electrical resistance and decrease weight and rotational mass.

The result? Racing products that allow you to race faster, longer. 

Regardless of your hobby, whether its cycling, skating, RC racing, go karting, street car racing, ham radio and more, we have something for you. 

Our Ceramic cycling bearings have been tested and raced across the world. Developed to endure the stresses of modern day racing whether it be road cycling,  MTB, downhill or leisure, they reduce friction and rotational mass while increasing the life of your bearing and providing a super smooth ride.

Our Ceramic Skate Bearings are no different. At a fraction of the cost of other brands we offer unsurpassed quality and durability that you would expect from premium skate bearings using our tried and tested ceramic silicon nitride balls.

We also were the first to pioneer Aerospace Grade Titanium wheel lug bolts for the masses.  Engineered from Aerospace Grade 6AL4V Titanium these lug bolts are 50% lighter than steel and offer no corrosion and are heat fatigue resistant. Available for all cars, we also do custom wheel lug bolt applications.

Our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC ball bearings use the hardest, lightest and smoothest Ceramic balls. These Ceramic balls offer the lowest rotational mass possible during races resulting in a ball bearing with the lowest centrifugal force contact from the balls. In turn, ACER Racing Ceramic bearings result in less heat, less friction, less wear, and greater acceleration. ACER ball bearings have won numerous world and national championships.

Our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series differential balls again offer the lowest rotational mass for the best acceleration. ACER Racing Ceramic differential balls offer even better wear characteristics than tungsten carbide differential balls, while offering 79% less weight. Our ceramic differential balls have won countless world and national championships.

Our silver plated SILVERWORM wire was engineered with the same goal as all our other products: to provide optimal efficiency and a wire with the lowest electrical resistance. Using silver plated copper wire SILVERWORM  outperforms traditional tin plated wire due to the fact that silver has 85% less electrical resistance than tin. Using a flexible silicone jacket with a 200 degree celsius temperature rating, our SUPERWORM cable wire uses thin flexible copper wire for a super low resistance high current connection.

Powerpole Connectors are the original RC wire connector. Again using silver plated contacts, which are more efficient than gold, Powerpole Connectors have almost zero voltage loss making them perfect for your high AMP applications. 

The best rc ball bearings, the best electric RC wire and the best differential balls are not all we offer. You'll find that we provide quick delivery and easy ordering. Visit our online store to see our latest equipment or find out more about our products.

Thanks for taking the time to explore our site and, remember: it's about the race.


ACER Racing: the HARDEST BALLS in the INDUSTRY since 1989.