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Our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC ball bearings and Ceramic differential balls are the fastest, lightest, smoothest and hardest balls in the industry. For over two decades, we've celebrated being one of the most respected names in RC racing history.

Since 1989, ACER Racing has pioneered technologies that allow remote controlled models to race faster, and race longer. Our legendary Ceramic Nitride pro-series silicon nitride differential balls and ceramic RC ball bearings stunned the RC racing scene with pure ceramic silicon nitride bearings (not ceramic coated steel balls) achieving a 79% weight savings and even greater durability, hardness and smoothness than Tungsten Carbide balls.

We instantly became known as "the hardest balls in the industry." Since then our quality and performance have made ACER Racing silicon nitride bearings standard equipment in RC cars of numerous national and international champions. We have received praise nationally and internationally from the top hobby magazines, as well as the greatest compliment of them all: news of you, our loyal customers' achievements on the track. Track tested and race proven, all ACER Racing products are engineered to allow you to race faster, longer, race after winning race.

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Remember: our ceramic diff balls are 79% lighter than tungsten carbide. We are the winningest ball bearings on the planet.

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Without smoother, consistent, and reliable RC parts, it's hard to compete with the pros on the track. RC ball bearings differ greatly in life span and quality, and in a sport when every little advantage determines who ends up in the winner's circle, you cannot afford to compromise even an ounce of performance. RC ball bearings are paramount in controlling the speed, smoothness, and durability of your RC racer. A quality ball bearing maximizes your tire rotation and thus increases your maximum speed. By virtually eliminating any friction in the tire rotation, a high quality ball bearing helps glide the car along, like it's moving on ice.

Porsche Titanium Lug Bolts 6AL4V Aerospace Grade M14x1.5x29 for 911 Boxster Macan Cayman Panamera
Regular price $699.95 Sale price $239.99 Save $459.96

This is a complete 20 piece Titanium Lug Bolt Set for the Porsche 911 starting from model year 1999 and newer model years. Manufactured from aerospace grade 6AL4V Titanium, these titanium lug bolts will not corrode or rust and offer a significant weight savings on your Porsche while giving a very sporty and aggressive look. Rolled threads for superior fatigue resistance. Available in natural 6AL4V Titanium color. 19mm hex head, M14x1.5x29 (shaft length is 29mm which is the standard shaft length if not using spacers). Note: these are for original Porsche wheels with no spacers. If you are using aftermarket wheels or spacers please contact us for proper fitment.  TORX head version uses a TORX 80 bit, not included.


If choosing the lug bolt kit with lock bolts, photo is the last selection which shows 4 lock bolts plus 1 lock bolt key. We also make lock bolts for the longer bolts.


If using spacers we stock 4 longer lengths (click for the item page): +5mm+10mm +15mm and +20mm


We do offer black titanium lug bolts for Porsche. We use a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process which is much better and more durable than simply anodizing titanium. PVD is a complex process which vaporizes a number of metals and then binds them on the surface in layers in a heated vacuum. This is the same process used on the beautiful black finish of high end black luxury watches such as Rolex and Panerai watches. We are always asked if the natural titanium finish will look good against a darker wheel and our answer is yes. Natural titanium pops very nicely against a dark wheel and you will be showing off the beautiful titanium you paid for so it would make sense to go natural but many customers still prefer a black titanium so we offer the best solution with the PVD Black Titanium finish.