30x42x7mm Ceramic Ball Bearing | 6806 Bearing | 61806 Ball Bearing | BB30 Ceramic Bearing by ACER Racing

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6806 Ceramic Bearing

6806 Ceramic ball bearing with dimensions of 30x42x7mm. 30mm inner diameter, 42mm outer diameter and 7mm width. ABEC 7 precision with Grade 5 Silicon Nitride Ceramic balls, the hardest and strongest ceramic material available, ACERGoo Made in USA 100% synthetic lubrication, dual removable seals. These are the ultimate 6806 bearing and can also be used in BB30 bearing applications. We use a 19 ball design compared to lesser 6806 bearings which use only 14 balls.  The use of more balls allows for a more efficient, smoother, lower friction and more durable bearing. Price is for 1 bearing as shown.

Cyclists with the need for speed and bike manufacturers alike have grown to trust ACER Racing for making products that bring out the best in their bicycles. Our 6806 ceramic bearing can help bike racers and enthusiasts alike obtain the highest level of performance thanks to our skillful and innovative design and because the right kind of ceramic bearing brings major benefits in terms of durability, friction and heat resistance, as well as a tremendous decrease in rotational mass meaning less pedal effort in each pedal as a result of less friction and less rolling resistance resulting in more pedal power hitting the road.

At ACER Racing, we are internationally known for making the hardest, lightest and smoothest balls in the industry and our bearings in every material are designed with performance in mind. Our super lightweight ceramic bearings are lighter and less weight, lower friction and less rotational weight means you race faster, longer.


ACER Racing ball bearings are not just the hardest balls out there, they are also exceptionally smooth, light and, most of all, fast. Whether you’re looking for bearings made of silicon nitride ceramic for hobby to aerospace to cycling to RC cars and more, you can depend on the very best in quality and customer service that’s as speedy as our product. In any sport where tiny differences can mean big time wins, we work hard to give our customers the edge.