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Ceramic Ball Bearings


Ceramic Ball BearingsLimited time offer: FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ON EVERY ORDER!!!

If you want your RC car to perform at a professional level, ceramic ball bearings are your best option. Ceramic Ball Bearings offer the freest movement and smoothest transitions of all ball bearings. Champion racers Chad Bradley, Jeremy Kortz, and Greg Degani all use ACER Racing's Ceramic Nitride Pro Series ceramic ball bearings in their RC vehicles. Ceramic ball bearings are extremely lightweight and will improve the driving performance of your RC car. Additionally, ceramic ball bearings have been proven to last longer than other materials, saving you money in the long run. The thermal properties of ceramic ball bearings prevents friction heat from building up, resulting in an unbeatably smooth, fast ride. Additionally, ceramic ball bearings are shatter proof and the superior properties of ceramic ball bearings prevents deformation under loads that results in consistent high performance results over time.


ACER Racing has over 28 years experience in the RC industry and has earned a reputation of equipping the world’s fastest RC cars with ceramic ball bearings. Their ceramic ball bearings will allow your RC car to race faster and longer than with other products. Their ceramic nitride pro series ceramic ball bearings offer RC racers the best bearings in the world. These top of the line ceramic ball bearings can be purchased in a full ball bearing kit or individually. Ceramic ball bearings are the winning secret for top RC competitors. If you wish to gain speed, control, and durability to your RC car, ceramic ball bearings are the ball bearings of choice. Although the upfront purchase costs may be slightly higher than other types of ball bearings, the increased performance and durability of ceramic ball bearings will make your investment a positive one.

AVAILABLE FOR VIRTUALLY EVERY POPULAR RC KIT! Newest additions to our extensive stock: Associated B44.3, RC8 B3, B5M, Axial Yeti, Capricorn C03, HPI Baja, Savage Flux, Kyosho Ultima RB6, Motonica P81, Mugen MBX7, Mugen MTX6, Mugen MGT7, Hong Nor Sabre X3, Associated SC10.2, Kyosho M3, Tamiya TRF 418, Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL, Traxxas Summit, Losi 8IGHT 3.0, Losi 22 SCT 2.0, Serpent 747 and many many many more!! Please search our inventory for a full listing of all the bearing kits we currently offer.

Product IDProduct Name Price  
8X16x5MM Flanged Ceramic Ball Bearing | MF688 Bearing
Kraken Vekta.5 Ceramic Bearings
6704 Ceramic Ball Bearing 20x27x4mm Ceramic Bearing
R188 Ceramic Ball Bearing 1/4 x 1/2 x 3/16 Inch Bearing
Yokomo BD8 Ceramic Bearings
Serpent SDX4 Ceramic Ball Bearings
Yokomo YD2 Ceramic Bearings
ARRMA Outcast Ceramic Ball Bearings
Team Losi Monster Truck XL Ceramic Bearings
Hobao Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Typhoon Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Vorteks Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Nero Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Mojave Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Kraton Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Granite Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Fury Ceramic Ball Bearings
ARRMA Fazon Ceramic Ball Bearings

Ceramic Ball Bearings

Ceramic Ball BearingsNow you can buy the same ACER Racing bearings as used in ACER Racer and National and International Champion CHAD BRADLEY, JEREMY KORTZ, GREG DEGANI and ANDREW SMOLNIK's rides! Ceramic Ball Bearings with NEW HSR inner cage engineering. THE BEST CERAMIC BEARINGS AT ANY PRICE.


The lightest, smoothest & hardest bearings available. Super Precision Ceramic Nitride Bearings using our diamond polished Ceramic Nitride Balls for the lowest friction, lowest heat buildup, freest movement & smoothest operations. These are the best!

The best modulus of longitudinal elasticity results in superior resistance to deformation under load. Hence the ball does not deform under load, which would lead to increased rolling resistance in the bearing.

Superior thermal properties of our ceramic bearings mean that friction producing heat does not build up at the interface. And these bearings will NOT shatter!

Our super lightweight ceramic balls dramatically decrease the centrifugal force placed by the balls on the rings. This, in addition to a 50% higher modulus of elasticity than conventional balls & bearings, and diamond polished smoothness of our balls produce a lower coefficient of friction at the ball-raceway interface, leading to over 33% less friction in the bearing as compared to conventional bearings, and far less wear, lasting an average of ten times longer than conventional bearings. Sealed with our exclusive no contact seals for the lowest friction and best dirt resistance. These are the best and most high tech seals available. NEW lightly oiled with our exclusive SIN synthetic oil in a special process that creates an ionic bond between the oil and the bearing parts for silky frictionless action.

RC cars are constantly breaking speed records. Where RC bearings in the past may have been adequate for RC cars of the past, newer RC cars are running faster and hotter, causing traditional bearings to fail. We have recently redesigned the inside of our bearings with new HSR cage technology which is specifically engineered for high speed high stress RC racing applications. In short, these bearings will allow you to out accelerate and smoke the competition.

Qualities inherent in ceramic material allow for ceramic ball bearings to be superior in performance than steel bearings. Properties of ceramic ball bearings include natural resistance to rust, less friction on movement, lighter weight, and resistance to heat expansion.

Naturally, since ceramic ball bearings can’t rust, there’s no need to fret if they get wet. Less friction on movement provides for them to rotate freely with minimal resistance. Natural resistance to expansion from heat prevents thermal breakdown of the bearing at high speeds. The lighter weight of ceramic requires less energy for movement. Ceramic bearings are also shatterproof.

Our ceramic ball bearings will exceed your expectations for performance and longevity. Whether you’re going to use them for professional RC racing or for your skateboard, Acer ceramic ball bearings are masterfully engineered for feats of speed and durability.

With technology revolutionizing things around us, it is not surprising to see that some of the things that we take for granted has actually been modified thanks to new developments in science and technology. In fact, you should find that options like ceramic ball bearings were only available for racing cars and people with really deep pockets. However, it is now possible to get ceramic ball bearings for your car and bike as well. Hence, this is something that you would probably want to think about, since you are definitely going to enjoy this particular option.

For starters, the performance gain of ceramic ball bearings is hard to ignore. You should notice an immediate improvement in performance. In fact, you might be impressed to know that you can actually expect a much bigger boost in the acceleration, snap and top speed of your vehicle. With faster speeds, you can be rest assured that your motor or engine will not be in any kind of stress either. Hence, this makes for a much better investment when it comes to prolonging the life of your car. In fact, you can make use of ceramic ball bearings even if you feel that your car feels underpowered or if the engine seems to be under a lot of stress.

The other thing that you might perhaps want to look into is that ceramic ball bearings can actually be purchased at a very competitive price. In fact, you might be able to buy this at a good price if you know where it is that you are purchasing the bearings from. A good place that you can go to for this purpose is Acer racing store. Being an online store, there is a lot to choose from and you should be able to get the right bearings that you can make use of for a very competitive price. 


Ceramic Bearings


Ceramic bearings are innovations that have taken the bearings market by storm. Ceramic bearings surpass traditional bearings in both use and longevity, making them an overall superior choice in RC ball bearings. Ceramic bearings are, as the name suggests, manufactured using a strong ceramic material. Ceramic bearings perform especially well in situations that involve high temperatures or a lot of friction, and also offer exceptional performance in high speed processes. As such, ceramic bearings are ideal for certain products relating to the aircraft, dental, vehicles and food processing industries – and of course to RC racing. ACER Racing’s ceramic bearings offer increased resistance to corrosion and are much lighter than traditional bearings. Our ceramic bearings are able to disperse the heat from friction rapidly while preserving the smooth ride that is required for speed in racing.

Even under extreme racing conditions, ACER Racing’s ceramic bearings are not affected and do not shatter. Tests prove that our ceramic bearings have a lengthier lifespan than traditional bearings. As such, not only do they save time and effort, they also provide cost savings over the long term, especially for RC enthusiasts who have multiple cars and race often. ACER Racing’s ceramic bearings are sold as kits or as individual products. The actual construction of these bearings is of silicon nitride ceramic balls instead of the traditional steel component. There is no denying that ceramic bearings outshine traditional forms of bearings in every way, which is why people who are serious about their RC racing choose ACER Racing’s ceramic ball bearings every time.