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3/16X3/8 Ceramic Ball Bearing | R166 Bearing

3/16X3/8 Ceramic Ball Bearing | R166 Bearing
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Price: $7.99
Product ID : C039
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3/16X3/8x1/8 Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ceramic Bearing


3/16X3/8 Ceramic Ball Bearing size R166. Made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Material. Dimensions are 3/16"x3/8"x1/8". SIN synthetic oiled and dual sealed. Can be used anywhere an R166 or 3/16x3/8x1/8 bearing is required including electric motors.

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R166 Bearing

When you purchase a R166 bearing from ACER Racing, you are purchasing the very best. That's important because a R166 Bearing is, like all industrial ball bearings, a crucial product that can make the difference between success and failure. These bearings, with dimensions of 3/16X3/8, are used in electric motors and countless other industrial and consumer machines. They are important components in an extremely wide variety of products that may include anything from R/C model cars to numerous household and industrial appliances. ACER Racing bearings are widely acknowledged as the best and most precisely manufactured ball bearings out there.

3/16X3/8 Ceramic Ball Bearings

Purchasing the right R166 bearing may be one of the most crucial decisions manufacturers and others can make. That's why you need the first-rate ball bearings made to the most precise specifications by ACER Racing. Beware of cut-rate products. The combination of improperly manufactured balls and low quality materials can cause bearings to crack, leading to potentially costly malfunctions.

3/16"x3/8"x1/8" Bearings

ACER Racing R166 bearings are the strongest and most reliable products on the market and a huge seller. SIN synthetic oiled and dual sealed, they are available with ceramic silicon nitride balls made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series material. They also may be purchased from ACER Racing in Teflon-sealed and non-ceramic versions.

For more information on R166 ball bearings as well as such other fine ACER Racing products as the 6806 bearing and 10x15x4mm bearing, please contact us. FREE USPS First Class shipping is available on all purchases worldwide.