Strive for Perfection. Race to Win.

With the championship on the line, you can’t leave any part of race day up to chance. First and foremost, that means equipping your RC car with the highest quality parts and components from ACER Racing, including our industry leading ceramic ball bearings. These bearings provide exceptional smoothness that gives racers the freedom of movement that they rely on to stay competitive on the track. These bearings are just one of the many components that we provide to give racers the winning edge.

Racers that want to get and stay at the top also rely on our tungsten carbide balls to give all of the benefits of steel, but with extended durability that allows racers to use the same bearings from race to race. While championship racers never compromise on quality simply to save time by not switching out components between races, bearings that last can provide teams with a valuable opportunity to apply their time to other important needs. In addition to the best bearings that can fit nearly any racing situation, ACER Racing is also the leading provider of other valuable components including titanium screws, wire, and the very best O-rings. These rings provide racers with an outstanding seal while minimizing tear and providing for exceptionally smooth suspension.

Often, the very best racers are just one step away from the winner’s circle, and the very best parts from ACER Racing is exactly what they need to get there. Once you implement these exceptional components into your tech, you’ll never want to go back to ordinary bearings again.