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Tungsten Carbide Differential Balls

tungsten carbide balls

Racers are upgrading their steel differential balls to Tungsten Carbide balls. ACER Racing's Tungsten Carbide balls are unsurpassed by any other Tungsten Carbide ball in quality, durability and resistance against degradation, wear, shock, and impact. Unlike steel balls ACER Racing's Carbide balls can last race after race after race without being replaced. These are the hardest and smoothest Carbide balls available. Each set of balls is matched for consistent concentricity and quality control checked. All balls are Grade 10 (not the lower Grade 25 that some others use) AVAILABLE FOR VIRTUALLY EVERY POPULAR RC KIT!


Tungsten Carbide Balls

Tungsten carbide is a durable composite material used for a wealth of industrial and mechanical applications. Here at Acer Racing we offer you not only the best ball bearings but tungsten carbide balls that possess hardness and strength superior to any other differential balls available on the market.

The amount of differential heat caused by high speed professional RC cars can be substantial, but with our tungsten carbide balls there is minimal chance of warping, shock, cracking, or general degradation from friction and heat. Each set of carbide balls is precision tested by machine to ensure that each ball is geometrically perfect and free from defects and inconsistencies. We offer a selection of tungsten carbide balls for differentials, ranging in diameter from 1/16 inch to 4 mm, to fit any sized RC car. Customers who have given these carbide balls a shot have been thrilled with the smoothness and reliable performance that they provide. Each set is a mere $7.99 and provides any hardcore RC racer with impeccable differential operation in their car.

We highly recommend you try a set for yourself to discover the whole new world of high-grade performance possible through our tungsten carbide differential balls.