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For almost 20 years we have been on the cutting edge of RC differential ball technology.  From our original super strong Tungsten Carbide differential balls to our superlite HCCA ultralite differential balls all our balls are known for their smoothness, hardness, lightness and consistent concentricity.

We pioneered lightweight differential ball technology with the introduction of our world famous Ceramic Nitride pro series differential balls .  At 79% lighter than tungsten carbide, these ceramic balls, made from pure silicon nitride, allowed racers to tear up tracks with unprecedented lap times due to significantly lower rotational mass in their differentials without sacrificing hardness or durability.  In fact, our Ceramic Nitride pro series differential balls outlast even tungsten carbide .  That's why we became instantly known as "the hardest balls in the industry."

Try a fresh set of our differential balls in your differential today and see the results for yourself.  We have also added four new sizes for hardcore bicycle racing: 1/4" Silicon Nitride balls, 3/16" Silicon Nitride balls, 5/16" Silicon Nitride balls and 7/32" Silicon Nitride balls.
Tungsten Carbide: $7.99 per pack
HCCA ultralite: $5.99 per pack 
ACER Racing creates some of the best differential balls in the RC industry. ACER Racing’s differential balls have been on the cutting edge of technology since we first created them two decades ago. Today we are still known as a leader in top quality differential balls including our original Tungsten Carbide differential balls, our HCCA ultralite differential balls and our Ceramic Silicon Nitride differential balls. Our Tungsten Carbide differential balls are incredibly strong and last a long time with heavy racing use. The super lightweight HCCA differential balls are known for being hard, smooth and consistent in concentricity. Our famous Ceramic Silicon Nitride differential balls are game changers pioneered by yours truly. Crafted from pure silicon nitride, our ceramic differential balls are superlight compared to tungsten carbide – a whopping 79% lighter, to be exact. This means that your RC vehicle will tear up the racetrack thanks to the Ceramic Silicon Nitride differential balls. These differential balls provide a significantly lower rotational mass without sacrificing strength or durability. In fact, the Ceramic Silicon Nitride differential balls were what made ACER Racing known worldwide as ‘the hardest balls in the industry.’

Our differential balls come in a plethora of sizes so you can find the right ones easily. The Ceramic Silicon Nitride differential balls are so durable they even outlast tungsten carbide differential balls, which makes them a great investment in your racing, for both speed and longevity. As with our ball bearings, our differential balls have propelled the ACER Racing name to the top of our industry as a purveyor of the finest racing components.