Meeting Championship Expectations

At ACER Racing, our brand is the name to beat for championship quality components for RC enthusiasts and professional competitors alike. Since 1989, ACER Racing has been synonymous with victory; it is able to provide parts that go above and beyond expectations for the podium finish each and every time. Part of our fame is due to our preferred high quality ceramic ball bearings that utilize advanced technology and assembly to offer superior results. These bearings are lightweight, reduce heat transfer for better performance, and last longer to save you money in the long run. It's all a part of the ACER Racing competitive edge.

Our team at ACER Racing proudly stands by a winning tradition of quality and excellence which can be seen on full display with each and every one of our products. The championship drivers who depend on ACER accept no compromises and neither should you. Our PTFE sealed ball bearings are specialty bearings that are sealed and permanently lubricated to offer better results than the competition. Designed to repel dirt and moisture, they're available in a variety of sizes to meet any need.

As an alternative, our rubber sealed ball bearings are a highly popular option for anyone looking for the very best. If you're looking to maximize performance and increase the longevity of your kit, the components we offer at ACER Racing are the best way to do it. Our quick, easy, and convenient online tool makes ordering a breeze and we ship to locations world-wide. Experience the ACER Racing Edge today!