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Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearings


Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearings

FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE! These super precision bearings undergo the same rigorous quality control as our ceramic bearings, however they use our high grade HCCA ultralite balls instead of ceramic balls. They are sealed with our exclusive new Polyamide Seal that comes in different colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, and white, depending on the bearing size which gives an added touch to your already awesome RC application! Our new Polyamide Seal is best for dirt resistance and is designed to generate the lowest rolling friction of any other seal we carry for a super smooth ride.

Newest additions to our extensive stock of ball bearing kits: Traxxas Summit Bearings, OFNA TS4 Bearings, XRAY NT1 Bearings, XRAY T4 Bearings, Traxxas E Revo Bearings, Axial AX10 Scorpion, Tekno EB48 Bearings, X Ray NT18 & T2 2009 Edition, Tamiya TA05, Tamiya 415 MS, Yokomo BD, Associated 18T, Tamiya EVO IV, SCHUMACHER mi2, Mugen MTX5 Bearings, Associated B4 bearings, Losi Mini-T, XXX4, HPI Savage bearings, and many many many more!!

In addition to a full like of complete 
bearing kits we offer individual ball bearings in most popular sizes.  Don't see your ball bearing kit listed? Just send us an email to for a low custom price quote.

Sealed Ball Bearings

ACER Racing is proud to the top manufacturer of quality sealed ball bearings. ACER Racing carries three types of top of the line sealed ball bearings; ceramic ball bearings, polyamide sealed ball bearings and Teflon sealed ball bearings. Our ceramic sealed ball bearings are for the hardcore racer who wants the best bearings around. Known as the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series, these ceramic sealed ball bearings are super light, extremely durable and have super low friction to enable fast acceleration and top speed. The ceramic sealed ball bearings are second to none when it comes to competitive RC racing. ACER Racing’s Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearings are ideal for RC enthusiasts on a budget who are primarily interested in excellent durability and a long life for their sealed ball bearings. The Teflon Sealed Ball Bearings are a bargain and are a great pick for recreational RCers. They feature low friction, friction free and durable Teflon seals and lightweight HCCA ultralite balls, making them a steal at only $2.99 per ball bearing.


Using quality sealed ball bearings is an important part of maximizing the performance of an RC model or any precision application. The seals protect the ball bearing from losing lubrication as well as from dust and dirt that can slow the performance of the bearing. Regardless of the type of sealed ball bearing you require for your RC vehicle, or the level of competitiveness, ACER Racing’s selection of quality ball bearings enables enthusiasts to find exactly what they need at a great price.