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Here at ACER Racing we have the best ball bearing kits, whether for RC racing or for skating. We don’t just say “best” as an empty marketing gimmick either, as our range of ball bearings and ball bearing kits are an instrumental tool for many racers to get top finishes in pro level races. Just ask Greg Degani, Chad Bradley, Andrew Smolnik, Lee Martin, Shasa Lackner, or Jeremy Kortz. These racers are recognized top tier RC champions due to their skill and experience and they all trust ACER Racing ball bearing kits. Together these Acer Racers have won some of the most prestigious RC races in the world, including the Swiss Championships, Silver State Championships, IFMAR World Championships and numerous national and international races.


What sets our ball bearing kits apart from many of our competitors is our precision tested ceramic ball bearings, which are more resistant to heat, friction, and general wear, while providing the user with rapid acceleration and easier sustainability at high speeds. In essence, our ball bearing kits allow RC drivers to go faster for longer. But don’t just take our thousands of satisfied customers’ word for it, test out our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series ball bearing kits for yourself and see how fast you can really go.