Finding Your Bearings, to Come Out on Top

There are many things that a racer can do to gain the winning edge. While a racer can always increase his chance of winning by practicing and honing his skills on the track, sometimes you simply need the best equipment to win. At ACER Racing, we provide racers with all of the necessary parts and components that will stand up to and exceed even the toughest competition. In fact, with so many of the top RC racers relying on our flagship ceramic ball bearings to give them an edge on the track, it is nearly impossible to compete in the modern circuit without relying on technologies perfected by ACER Racing.

While many racers use our ceramic bearings as their main set of bearings, other racers have also found advantages in our other exceptional products including our polyamide sealed ball bearings. Rather than using ceramic balls, these bearings use our high grade HCCA ultralite balls to give the absolute best resistance to dirt and friction. Not only can this aid in the speed and maneuverability of the vehicle, the reduced friction provided by these bearings helps the car stay in racing shape for longer. And, for racers looking for the absolute best in moisture resistance in their bearings, our PTFE sealed ball bearings are also an optimal choice.

While the ability to win a single race is important, a car that can remain competitive on the track time after time is truly priceless. If you are on the edge of racing perfection and have been looking for the boost needed to bring you into the winner’s circle, don’t hesitate to give ACER Racing a call.