Team XRAY T3 2011 Ceramic Bearing Kit

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If you thought it couldn't get any better after the original T3, think again: the new T3 platform is the next evolution of XRAY's highly-successful touring car platform which had its roots in the T1 (introduced in 2000) and the T2 platform (introduced in 2005). With the latest advancements in electronics, motors and especially batteries (bringing the new standard of LiPo batteries), the T3 has been purposely designed as a new modern platform optimized to incorporate and accommodate these new developing standards.

The T3 packs in all of the latest parts and products supporting the car's high-performance nature to gain a distinct edge in the highly-competitive spectrum of foam- and rubber-tire racing.

Our XRAY T3 Ceramic Ball Bearing kit puts this amazing car over the top with lightning acceleration, top speed and unprecedented durability.

The ACER Racing T3 2011 Ceramic Bearing Kit includes Four 10x15 mm ceramic bearings, Six 5x8 mm ceramic bearings, Ten 5x10 mm ceramic bearings, and Two 3x6 mm ceramic bearings.

Team XRAY T3 2011 Ceramic Bearing Kit