Team XRAY RX8 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

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What we love about Team XRAY is that just when you thought they developed a car that could not be beat, they surprise us once again with cutting edge innovation and state of the art design and engineering. The RX8 1/8 on road car is just another example. Every millimeter of this car has been meticulously engineered for the best performance, highest speed, perfect handling, and low weight. Even the fuel tank height is adjustable. The RX8 chassis allows for the mounting of additional weights or stiffeners for complete chassis adjustment. Whether you need to add weight or stiffen the front or rear, you have a choice of optional front/central/rear machined brass weights and front/central/ rear graphite stiffeners. At the front of the car, both the brass weight and graphite insert can be mounted either fixed or flexible to avoid undesired stiffening effect.

The bulkheads are the backbone of the Team XRAY RX8 where all the main parts and suspension are mounted, so the flex of the bulkheads has a significant influence on the suspension, handling, and performance of the car. The RX8 features super-lightweight composite bulkheads with a very clean and lightweight design to create the lowest weight and CG, making the RX8 easy to service while allowing easy access to all parts. The bulkheads create a super-solid platform where all parts are mounted; a special composite mixture was developed to allow multiple assembly/disassembly without stressing or wearing the parts.

The transmission is super smooth with minimal friction. From the small lightweight axles, through the efficient ratio and optimized pulleys, to the lightweight drivetrain parts, all is specifically designed for the maximum efficiency. The front 1-way and rear solid axle are small and light, ensuring super-low rotating mass and lowest CG. The super lightweight front 1-way bearing is inserted directly in the axle. The axle body is manufactured from HUDY Spring Steel™, specially hand-ground for maximum precision and smooth operation, additionally heat treated and black coated to ensure long life and maximum performance.

It is only fitting that such a lightweight and well engineered car should use the highest quality and lightest ball bearings throughout the drivetrain - ACER Racing ceramic ball bearings that is! That is truly the only hop up the RX8 needs. Add our World Champion Ceramic Ball Bearings and the RX8 is truly unstoppable.