Team Associated SC10 4x4 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

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Team Associated did it again with the SC10 4x4 Short Course truck. Some new features which are striking are a unique dual gearbox drive train coupled together with a 5mm heavy duty belt system with external tension adjustment, 32 pitch front and rear gearboxes with sealed fluid filled differentials which is something we normally see in 1:8 scale buggies but is becoming increasingly popular, decoupled center slipper clutch allows for front and rear wheel drive to slip independently, resulting in more traction and stability on bumpy track conditions, and CVAs with captured drive pins and heavy duty 6mm alloy axles.

What we particularly like is the use of beefy MR126 and 6701 size bearings which are the 6x12x4mm ball bearings and 12x18x4mm ball bearings that can withstant greater abuse than the traditional 3/16x3/8 bearings. A short course truck of this performance level needed a redesign in the bearing department to accomodate the increase in pressure. The new bigger size does the trick but take it to another level of performance, speed, and durability with our ceramic bearing kit. We include everything you see here which includes the special 5x10x3mm ceramic ball bearings.

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Team Associated SC10 4x4 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit