Shepherd Velox Ceramic Bearing Kit

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Shepherd Velox Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ball Bearing Kit.

The Shepherd Micro Racing 1:8 Velox is a world class contender. It's packed with innovative and high performance features, the most noticeable of which is the all-new Velox 'Direct-V-Brake System' (DVB-System), a system that provides durable and powerful braking through the use of rear axle mounted brake disks and a cable activated braking system. Upon applying the brake on your transmitter, the cable pulls two rear levers that clamp the brake pads against the twin, long life, ventilated disks providing strong and consistent braking performance every time. At the front of the Velox is the car's steering servo saver that sports a quick one-step easily adjustable Ackerman setting. Using one screw, the user can loosen, easily adjust the setting and re-tighten the front part of the servo saver, enabling quick Ackerman adjustments even while on the track.

The use of top quality materials throughout the Velox gives a hint to this cars racing pedigree, with carbon fibre used on the radio plate and shock towers as well as high quality plastics used for the wishbones, steering blocks and uprights. Its the use of aluminium in the Velox however that sets this car apart, from the beautifully CNC machined 5mm thick chassis plate to the blue anodised wishbone pivot blocks and bulkheads, providing strength without increasing the cars unsprung weight. Add to all of this our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ceramic Ball bearing kit and the Velox is unstoppable.

This ceramic bearing kit contains:

8 - 12x21 mm bearings
4 - 12x18 mm bearings
4 - 6x13 mm bearings
2 - 10x15 mm flanged bearings
2 - 6x10 mm bearings
2 - 5x10 mm clutch bearings
Shepherd Velox Ceramic Bearing Kit