Serpent SRX8 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

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Serpent Cobra SRX8 Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit: race faster, longer with our world champion ceramic bearing kit. Uses diamond polished Silicon Nitride ceramic balls, our fully synthetic ACER Racing SIN oil, HSR inner cage technology, proprietary inner tolerances, and no contact seals for the fastest bearings ever. This is a full and complete ball bearing kit from our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing collection. Also available is the SRX8 GT Ceramic bearing kit, which is a slightly different bearing kit consisting of a complete 30 piece ceramic bearing kit replacing all the bearings in the car. If you need the SRX8e or SRX8 GTe bearings please make those selections above. Note: The SRX8 TQ uses one 8x16x4mm bearing in the 2 speed which we do not make so you will have to re-use that one bearing.
Serpent SRX8 Ceramic Bearings SRX8 GT