Savage XL Ceramic Bearing Kit

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The HPI Racing Savage XL is the extralarge, extratough and extrapowerful big brother to the Savage X monster truck. For improved stability and handling, the HPI Savage XL has a 55mm longer wheelbase and a 25mm wider track. With a longer wheelbase, wider stance and a huge 5.9cc (.36 cubic inch) engine, the HPI Racing Savage XL is ready to tear up the track straight out of the box. HPI Racing's design team added strategically strengthened hop-up parts to tame the massive K5.9 power for unmatched durability. The Savage XL soaks up the rough stuff with ease because it's the biggest, toughest, and most powerful Savage ever made.

To get the long wheelbase of the Savage XL, HPI Racing's team of talented designers developed an all-new extended TVP (Twin Vertical Plate) chassis made from 3mm thick 6061 aluminum. 6061-series aluminum is light and strong and provides the strength for stretching the Savage platform to its limits. The chassis has Savage XL logos etched into the chassis to really make it stand out. The engine is fitted to a one piece engine mount with an extra-thick 3mm engine mounting plate. These are the thickest TVP and engine plate parts ever offered on a Savage monster truck, giving the Savage XL the strength to withstand the enormous torque of the massive Nitro Star K5.9 engine.

ACER Racing's World Champion rc bearing kit for the HPI Savage XL is designed to withstand the massive torque displaced by the K5.9 engine. 
Savage XL Ceramic Bearing Kit