Powerpole Connectors 45 AMP 10 pair

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Anderson Powerpole connectors: the ultimate connection. This is the higher capacity 45 amp set which comes with 45 amp silver plated contacts that can take higher loads and larger gauge wire.  Original Made in USA modular and genderless Anderson Powerpole Connectors.  Stackable with the molded dovetail design to create many different mounting positions and a self securing design with strong internal clips that keep the silver plated copper contacts in place while also allowing for easy disconnect.  May be soldered or crimped.

40 pieces:

10 black 45 AMP housings (Anderson Powerpole part# 1327G6)

10 red 45 AMP housings (Anderson Powerpole part# 1327)

20 45 AMP contacts (Anderson Powerpole part# 261G3 we use the silver plated copper contacts NOT the cheaper TIN Plated copper contacts which are not as efficient as silver)

Crimping these connectors using a special crimping tool will provide a more efficient and lower resistance connection than soldering. Crimping tool can be purchased HERE.