Titanium Lug Nuts for TESLA

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6AL4V Titanium Lug Nuts for TESLA made from the strongest grade titanium for 50 % less weight than steel + zero corrosion + heat fatigue resistant.

60 degree conical base (also known as a cone or acorn base).  All versions come in 20 piece sets.

Using these nuts will make it possible to avoid the lug nut covers that Tesla uses to cover the steel nuts. Since you will have stunning titanium nuts you can remove the lug nut covers when using these and show them off. Many of our Tesla wheel customers have used these lug nuts and the results are amazing.

Available in 3 options (please read carefully before ordering):

Tesla made 2 lug nuts: a Gen 1 and a Gen 2. The Gen 1 was only for the Turbine wheels and was a size M14x1.5x34 like what is seen on this page and the remainder of the wheels used the open ended nut also seen on this page.

1. The M14x1.5x34 are made for original Tesla Turbine wheels and will not work with aftermarket or Tesla Arachnid wheels. If you are using aftermarket wheels you can use these nuts click HERE and choose the cone seat version. These have a  22mm hex head and 30mm flange same as original, with overall height of 34mm top to bottom. If attempting to use these on other wheels please make sure the opening in your wheel for the lug bolts are greater than the 30mm flange diameter.

2. For non-Turbine original Tesla wheels Tesla used an open ended nut. That selection is the one listed as "open nut" and can be used on all original TESLA wheels.  They weigh 27 grams per nut.

3.  For aftermarket wheels we have a 42mm tall closed end nut. This will also work on original Tesla wheels but is 8mm taller. We have designed it with a 21mm hex head diameter, the same size as original open ended nuts, so you can use the OEM tool.

If your TESLA came with factory open ended nuts (some of which had a plastic cap over them) then you can also use the "OEM style nuts" listed on this page which will be a direct OEM fit and will also allow you to use those factory caps over them if you wish.