KYOSHO V ONE RRR Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearing Kit

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KYOSHO V ONE RRR Dual Super Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearing Kit (works for all V One RRR kits including the Evo 2)

The RRR is a further refinement of the very successfull RR model. The overall gear ratio has been changed to further optimize to keep the .12 engines in their powerband. The taller ratio moves the power band from low end acceleration to the mid range and top end performance. This allows the RRR to hook up off the turn and drive much easier. The center of gravity has been lowered and the weight bias has been moved forward to make the RRR pull hard off the corner and switch directions much quicker. Add to this more adjustability in the suspension and lower rotating mass and you have a winnerRevamped drive system with total focus on achieving lower rotating mass. Small pulleys front and rear allow for lower differential mounting, therefore lowering the center of gravity and rotating mass. Front one-way included. Remodeled 2 speed with .8 module gear. (finer pitch) Upper arm pivots have 4-step cam adjustment for easy roll center changes. Diff unit can be installed or removed with just four bolts for fast and easy replacement. Centered front diff enables equal length axles on left and right sides. Uses 7075S grade milled aluminum main plate and carbon upper plate for increase rigidity. Front tweak can be adjusted independent of the sway bar. The rear sway bar mounts ahead of the rear arms allowing for more rear shock positions. Lay-down mounting of the throttle servo produces a lower center of gravity. The bellcrank ratio produces a more positive throttle response. New fuel tank with battery mounted directly underneath for better weight distribution farther forward. The creates both a lower center of gravity and increased concentration of mass. Several more rear shock mounting position for better adjustability. Reduced overhang behind the rear diff further concentrates mass. New rear hubs allow for easy roll center adjustments

This ball bearing kit contains the following bearings

4 - 12x18 mm

2 - 6x10 mm

4 - 10x15 mm

10 - 6x12 mm

1 - 5x10 mm

1 - 5x8 mm

KYOSHO V ONE RRR Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearing Kit