Kyosho V One R4 Ceramic Bearing Kit

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Team Kyosho's development team has combined the latest in racing design know-how with input from Adrien Bertin, the 1st GP Touring Car World Champion, and Japan's World Championship finalist Takaaki Shimo, to realize a level of speed and drivability never seen before in one package: the V One R4. In addition to the new suspension's multiple axis points, the low center of gravity in the design is remarkable & is complimented by the lower rotating mass moment along the entire drive train. In hand with the low rotating mass concept is ACER Racing's new V One R4 ceramic ball bearing kit designed to further reduce centrifugal force level and rotating mass in the drivetrain. Wide scope for tuning adjustments allows the sharp pick up from the latest racing engines to deliver superior performance from high speed to tight technical race track layouts. Born to race, the V-ONE R4 is a thoroughbred 1/10 GP touring car and represents the beginning of a new generation that can take you to the top of the racing world. Add our Ceramic Ball Bearings to make the V One R4 a perfect machine.