Kyosho ULTIMA RB5 Ceramic Bearing Kit

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Featuring the latest racing specifications, the Kyosho Ultima RB5 represents the ultimate in pure 2WD racing buggies. Designed without compromise from the ground up to build the best racing buggy chassis possible. A low center of gravity, restriction of rotating moment, high agility, and ease of control while producing sharp response, are all realized at the highest level.

  • Chassis - The chassis plate is light and strong, featuring a specially formulated carbon fiber composite for the best balance of performance and durability. Strategic braces molded into the chassis enhance the stiffness without adding any unnecessary weight. Separate front and rear
  • Transmission - The new transmission features a smaller, more compact housing that keeps the motor as low and close to the transmission as possible, which reduces CG and improves bump handing. The three-gear transmission features an internal ball differential that uses standard 3/32-inch diff balls and 1/16-inch thrust balls. The differential is also externally adjustable, and a dust cover fits over the adjustment holes so the thrust bearing lasts much longer. An injection molded gear cover is included, which better fits the motor plate to minimize dust and debris for longer gear life.
  • Front Suspension - Longer, straighter and symmetrical suspension arms connect to a narrow front bulkhead. The bumper/skid plate, suspension block, nose plate and front bulkhead all come together to form a very rigid assembly, to which the front suspension arms mount. The standard position of the suspension mount produces 25 degrees of hinge pin angle in the front suspension arms, but simply flipping the suspension mount increases the hinge pin angle to 30 degrees. The added flexibility of having adjustable hinge pin angles means you have more options when it comes to setting up your car. Like the rear arms, a single replacement arm can be used on either side of the car.
  • Rear Suspension - The rear suspension arms are symmetrical so a single replacement arm can be used on either side of the car, saving money and space inside your pit box because you don't need to carry as many replacement parts. The inside of the arms are attached to the chassis using separate suspension mounts, which will allows anti-squat adjustment. The rear wheel hubs feature three lower hinge-pin holes, which allow modification of the ride height with minimal disturbance of the suspension geometry. Vertical ball studs for the both the inner and out rod ends of the upper link mean the rear suspension geometry can be fine-tuned with shims.
Our Ceramic Ball Bearing kit for the ULTIMA RB5 contains the following bearings and will also work in the ULTIMA RB5 SP
6 - 5x8 mm ball bearings
12 - 5x10 mm ball bearings
2 - 10x15 mm ball bearings
Kyosho ULTIMA RB5 Ceramic Bearing Kit