JQ Products THE CAR Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

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JQ Products' THE CAR takes a fresh approach to the 1/8 4WD Buggy market. We at ACER Racing particularly like the special attention that was given to reducing mass and rotating mass in so many different parts of this car. Take a look at the gear differentials in THE CAR. They are super lightweight. That means lower rotating mass, faster acceleration, higher top speeds and greater durability. Hats off to this great new company JQ Products for the passion they have shown in developing such a well engineered vehicle. We also appreciate the use of smaller ball bearings in THE CAR. One of the ways JQ Products achieved this is by using universal joints instead of traditional CVDs. This allowed them to use smaller and lighter 6x13 mm ball bearings instead of the heavier albeit durable 8x16 mm ball bearings which are used in other areas of THE CAR. One more area we had to mention is the no wheel slop engineering. We all know how 1:8 buggy wheels can wobble. THE CAR addresses this very nicely, allowing for toe and camber adjustments to be more effective.

Add our THE CAR ceramic ball bearing kit to this amazing buggy for that extra competitive edge. We include all ball bearings in this kit even the brake cam bearings. Get yours today!