HPI HELLFIRE Ceramic Bearing Kit

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HPI HELLFIRE Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

The new Hellfire is designed from scratch with only one goal: maximum performance in all conditions! No compromise - the Hellfire is not a converted buggy or tuned up monster truck. It is purpose built to be faster and give better handling than any other competitive truck. A high level of attention to detail is paid in every area. HPI designers strove to increase performance, reduce maintenance and simplify chassis adjustments. The result is a new definition for "performance truck". Optimum Agility and Handling Hellfire features all-new suspension and steering geometries specially designed for best performance with big truck wheels and on rough terrain. A very low center of gravity gives increased responsiveness and better chassis balance.

This kit contains the following ceramic bearings

Eighteen 8x16 mm

Four 6x10 mm

Two 5x10 mm

HPI HELLFIRE Ceramic Bearing Kit