HPI BAJA Ceramic Bearing Kit

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After numerous requests from our HPI Baja fans, we decided to set out to engineer the absolute best HPI Baja Bearing kit. We studied the car, the running conditions, the engine torque, the load placed on the bearings and engineered the perfect HPI Baja bearing in our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series material.

This is a full and complete 25 piece Baja Ceramic bearing kit. It includes the wheel bearings where we have created a perfect seal that keeps out dirt without compromising speed. It also includes all the transmission bearings and all the bearings in the entire car. We use a high strength high carbon chrome alloy HSR inner cage material, our diamond polished super smooth pure Ceramic Silicon Nitride Balls, and our special cream synthetic lubricant for friction free and cool performance.

Includes all bearings in the Baja which are 13 pc 12x24x6mm ceramic bearings, 2 pc 17x30x7mm ceramic bearing, 2 pc 20x32x7mm ceramic ball bearing, 4 pc 10x15x4 mm ceramic bearings and 4 pc 5x10x4 mm ceramic ball bearings.

This bearing kit will also fit the Baja 5T, Baja 5B, Baja 5B 2.0, Baja 5SC, and Baja 5SC SS series. The HPI Baja is the ultimate offroad buggy experience--top it off with the ultimate ceramic bearings in the world: ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series.