HOT BODIES Cyclone TC Ceramic Bearing Kit

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The Cyclone TC is the ultimate refinement of the top Hot Bodies touring car. It has all the latest updates and advanced features that Hot Bodies team drivers like Atsushi Hara, Ronald Volker and Andy Moore use to dominate race weekends all around the world. These and other HB team drivers are always testing the newest, latest thing to make sure they get to the top step of the podium, and it's our devoted customers that really benefit!

Already available as an option part for previous Cyclone touring car versions, the Pro Spec Ball Diff is the ultimate racing diff! It is more durable, requires less maintenance, and it's much lighter for faster acceleration. The Pro Spec Ball Diff has wider spacing for the diff balls for low stress and wear on the D-cut diff rings, the diff balls go much longer between rebuilds, the outdrives are made from extra-light machined POM (Polyoxymethylene) space-age plastic for rocketlike acceleration, and for extra insurance it uses a newly designed titanium nitride-coated diff screw and nut. Be sure to replace your differential balls in the Pro Spec Ball Diff with ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Silicon Nitride Balls.

Our Ceramic ball bearing kit for the Cyclone TC will give you faster acceleration and higher top speeds all on a smoother riding touring car that will be much more durable.

HOT BODIES Cyclone TC Ceramic Bearing Kit