Ceramic Bottom Bracket for SRAM DUB

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SRAM has introduced bike cranksets which use a new technology name DUB™ (Durable Unified Bottom Bracket) with the goal being to simplify frame bottom bracket and crankset compatibility across their product lines. Our full line of DUB compatible bottom brackets are super lightweight, strong and smooth with our world famous Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearings. Get more power to the ground with optimal efficiency. We have several options to choose from: BBRight DUB, BSA DUB, BB30 DUB, PF30A DUB, PF30 DUB and BB86/92 DUB

The following are the dimensional specifications for each bottom bracket:

BSA DUB: BB Shell BSA 1.37"x24 TPI - 68/73mm (includes tool as shown)

BB86/92 DUB: BB Shell BB86/92 41mm ID x 86.5/92mm width

BB30 DUB: BB Shell BB30 42mm ID x 68/73mm width

BB30A DUB: BB Shell BB30A 42mm ID x 79mm width

BB Right DUB: BB Shell BBR 46mm ID x 79mm width

PF30A DUB: BB Shell PF30A 46mm ID x 79mm width