Carbon Fiber Jockey Wheels with Ceramic Bearings

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ACER Racing presents our 11 tooth Carbon Fiber Jockey Wheels with Ceramic Ball Bearings for Shimano and SRAM (except GX) derailleurs. The gears are made of super stiff and lightweight ACERFiber Carbon Fiber and we include our World Champion ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series ceramic ball bearings with dual seals in each jockey wheel. Lightweight removable red aluminum covers protect the ceramic ball bearings further from the elements while giving a more aggressive appearance.

Lowering your rotational mass is extremely important when racing. Reducing weight off parts that actually move or rotate such as wheels or jockey pulleys have a much greater effect on performance than removing an equivalent weight off a part that is stationary such as a lighter bicycle frame. That is the design concept and philosophy behind our carbon fiber jockey wheels. They are light enough to have a significant impact on acceleration while decreasing friction. Our ceramic bearings inside further compliment the lightweight carbon fiber design by lowering rotational mass and offering the friction free performance we have been known for since 1989.

Lower your rotational mass for quicker, smoother acceleration and higher speeds with less effort with our remarkable new ceramic jockey pulleys. Two per pack. Weighs only 13 grams for both jockey wheels with the removable red shields removed or 15 grams with them on.

12 speed

We also have alloy jockey wheels for SRAM XX1 12 speed (compatible with SRAM 12 speed XX1, XO1, Force CX1, Force 1, Rival 1 and Apex 1) speed and SRAM Eagle 12 speed (compatible with SRAM 12 speed XX1 Eagle, XO1 Eagle, GX Eagle, NX Eagle and SX Eagle system) also using our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing but with a lightweight 7075 aluminum alloy jockey wheel instead of carbon fiber.  Due to the shape required for the SRAM 12 speed systems we cannot manufacture these from carbon fiber hence a lightweight alloy is engineered instead.