Capricorn Racing LAB C01 Ceramic Bearing Kit

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Ceramic Bearing kit for the amazing Capricorn LAB-C01 Nitro Touring Car. Made up of aluminum universals in the front and aluminum dog bones in the rear. The two speed transmission is& smaller and lighter allowing the motor to spool up faster out of turns for better acceleration. The aluminum bulkheads and other parts allow for a more precise and accurate geometry as well as lowering the overall weight of the car. Track record holder in Florida. Add our ceramic bearing kit for an even lighter drivetrain and blistering acceleration. Our ceramic bearing kit contains the following ball bearings:

10x16x4mm 12 pcs
6x10x3mm 4 pcs
5x10x4mm 3 pcs
6x13x5mm 2 pcs
6x12x4mm 2 pcs
5x8x2.5mm 4 pcs