ASSOCIATED RC8 / RC8B / RS Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

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ASSOCIATED RC8 / RS / RC8B Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

From the correctly balanced and optimized weight distribution, silky smooth and reliable shocks featuring 4mm gold shafts, innovative clutch design, to the machined chassis, every inch of the RC8 screams performance and durability. From the proven drive train to the ultimately adjustable wing, you will see why the Factory Team RC8 will be the buggy chosen to dominate the competition. The highly anticipated Associated Factory Team RC8 will raise the performance bar for 1:8th off-road nitro buggies. The RC8 design utilizes proven engineering yet incorporates design ingenuity and industry leading concepts that will confirm Team Associated's number one status which it has held for over 40 years. Strength, durability, nimble handling and maximum corner speeds were the key design elements Area 51 targeted. Drivers will experience unparalleled and effortless "pop" as they launch from the jumps. Landings will be plush beyond belief due to the enhanced suspension that other buggies only dream of. "You can push it hard and it stays balanced. The harder I drive it, the faster I can go."- The KING Richard Saxton

Our ball bearings extend the durability of this high performance buggy while increasing speed and acceleration. The redesigned 15x21 mm ball bearings are bulletproof as our tried and proved 8x16 mm ceramic ball bearings .

This kit contains the following ceramic bearings

Fourteen 8x16 mm

Four 15x21 mm

Two 5x10 mm