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Size 608 Ceramic Skate Bearing 8x22x7mm for 8mm axles (if you need the 7mm axle version click HERE). The best skate bearing anywhere: GUARANTEED or your money back. ABEC 7, ACER Racing 100% synthetic American SIN oiled (if you prefer them synthetic greased instead of synthetic oiled please make this selection from the drop down menu but be advised that grease always slows down a bearing), superlite bearings. Price is for one size 608 ball bearing. These have also become the #1 bearing for use in fidget spinners and will spin longer, smoother and faster than any other fidget spinner bearing.

UPDATE: World Champion speed skater Peter Doucet sets new lap time .3 seconds faster than before with ACER SK8 Ceramic Skate Bearings. This is very significant considering the laps are only 10 seconds each. Congratulations Peter!

(Bearing seal removed for photo illustration purposes only, ball bearings are sealed on both sides. 8x22mm bearing)


fidget spinner bearing size 608




608 Bearing


Our 608 ceramic silicon nitride skateboard ball bearings are engineered to provide high-performance and durability for skateboard applications. These bearings are designed to fit skateboard wheels and deliver smooth and efficient rotation, contributing to the overall performance of the skateboard.

The size 608 designation refers to the dimensions of the bearing, with an inner diameter of 8 millimeters, an outer diameter of 22 millimeters, and a width of 7 millimeters. This standardized size makes them compatible with most skateboard wheels and allows for easy installation.

Ceramic silicon nitride ball bearings offer significant advantages over traditional steel bearings, making them popular among skateboarders. Silicon nitride ceramic material is known for its exceptional hardness, reduced friction, resistance to wear, and corrosion resistance.

One of the key benefits of size 608 ceramic silicon nitride skateboard ball bearings is their reduced friction coefficient. Ceramic balls have a smoother and harder surface compared to steel balls, resulting in lower friction during rotation. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced speed for skateboarders.

Moreover, ceramic silicon nitride bearings are known for their exceptional durability and wear resistance. They can withstand high loads, impacts, and the repetitive stresses of skateboarding without premature wear or damage. The increased durability of these bearings translates into extended service life and reduced maintenance requirements, allowing skateboarders to enjoy a smoother and more consistent ride.

Additionally, ceramic silicon nitride skateboard bearings exhibit excellent corrosion resistance. They can withstand exposure to moisture, dirt, and debris commonly encountered in skateboarding environments. The corrosion resistance ensures reliable and consistent performance, even in challenging conditions, contributing to the longevity of the bearings.

Our 608 ceramic silicon nitride skateboard ball bearings offer superior performance and durability for skateboard applications. These bearings provide reduced friction, increased speed, enhanced durability, and corrosion resistance. Skateboarders can enjoy smoother rides, improved performance, and longer-lasting bearings, making size 608 ceramic silicon nitride bearings a popular choice among skateboard enthusiasts.

608 Bearing