7x19mm Ceramic Engine Bearing | 607 Ceramic Engine Bearing

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Welcome to ACER Racing's new line of Ceramic Ball Bearings made for competition use in high performance RC car engines. These are from our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series line of world champion bearings.

These 7x19x6mm ceramic bearings are sealed on both sides allowing you to remove one seal if preferred for installing in a nitro engine. They feature our diamond polished Silicon Nitride ceramic balls plus a super high speed PEEK inner cage to withstand the heat and stress of your engine. Proprietary internal tolerances have been incorporated into this ceramic bearing as well.

New generation PEEK polymer was chosen for the cages because of its superior combination of strength and flexibility, high operating temperatures, and high chemical and wear resistance. The design of the cage and material used are of paramount importance for the performance of the cage as well as for the operational reliability of the bearing itself.

Bearing cages are mechanically stressed by friction, strain and inertia. They may also be subjected to the chemical action of certain lubricants, lubricant additives or products of their ageing or organic solvents. The relative importance of these considerations can be affected by other operational parameters such as elevated temperatures, shock loads, vibrations or combinations of these and other conditions. The materials from which the bearing components are made determine to a large extent the performance and reliability of the rolling bearings. This why ACER Racing has used PEEK cages for our ceramic engine bearings.

PEEK cages have an excellent combination of strength and elasticity. The good sliding properties of the polymer on lubricated steel surfaces and the smoothness of the cage surfaces in contact with the rolling elements produce the lowest amount of friction so that heat generation and wear in the bearing are at a minimum. The low density of the material means that the inertia of the cage is small contributing to greater speed. The excellent running properties of polymer cages under lubricant starvation conditions permit continued operation of the bearing for some time without risk of seizure and secondary damage.

Our PEEK bearing cages show no signs of aging by temperature and oil additives up to +200 °C (392°F).

Price is for one ceramic engine ball bearing. For a 697 ceramic bearing for non engine use please choose ACER Racing part number C071.

UPDATE: ACER Racer Shasa Lackner received his trophy as "Swiss Junior Champion 2009" in October using ACER Racing ceramic engine bearings in his Max Power engine. Shasa won the main final by nearly 2 laps, and set a new lap record of 14.0 seconds and his ACER Racing ceramic engine bearings worked perfectly for the entire weekend.