10X15MM Ceramic Ball Bearing | 6700 Bearing

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10x15mm CERAMIC BALL BEARING size 10x15x4mm or also known as size 6700 ball bearing. Made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Material. Lubed with our famous SIN lightweight synthetic oil and sealed on both sides to protect against contamination. These can be used anywhere a 10x15x4mm ball bearing is required. Traxxas racers this is a direct high performance replacement for the Traxxas 5119 bearing

Size 6700 ball bearing
Equivalent to Tamiya size 1510 bearing, Traxxas 5119 bearing, Team Associated 1731 bearing

Team Associated racers, this is a direct replacement for Associated 1731 which is a front one way bearing. You can use these as a performance upgrade to the AE 1731 just reuse the sleeve that comes on the factory team one way bearing. (Associated incorrectly has the 1731 bearings listed as a 3/8x5/16 bearing there is no such thing. Check out this link on RCTech for more information http://www.rctech.net/forum/electric-road/49177-team-associated-tc4-594.html).