1/4" Ceramic Silicon Nitride Balls

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ACER Racing's 1/4" ceramic balls (6.350 mm ceramic balls) are made from pure silicon nitride. They measure 1/4" or 6.35mm in diameter and are from our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series material. Price is for one ball.

These 1/4" silicon nitride balls will also fit most front hubs and some bicycle headsets. Specifically they will fit Campagnolo rear hubs and bottom brackets, Shimano rear hubs and bottom brackets, Shimano headsets models M735-M736-M650-M651. The majority of rear hubs will require nine of our 1/4" silicon nitride balls on each side and bottom brackets will use eleven of our 1/4" silicon nitride balls.

Our 1/4" silicon nitride balls for bicycles have gained significant recognition in the cycling industry due to their exceptional performance and durability. These balls, made from advanced silicon nitride ceramic material, offer unique advantages over traditional steel balls, making them a preferred choice for high-performance bicycle applications and anywhere a strong, hard and lightweight ball is required.

The 1/4" size designation refers to the diameter of the silicon nitride balls, which measures approximately 6.35 millimeters. This size is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of bicycle components such as hubs, bottom brackets, and headset bearings.

One of the key benefits of using 1/4" silicon nitride ceramic balls in bicycles is their reduced weight compared to steel balls. The lightweight nature of the silicon nitride material helps to reduce the overall weight of the bicycle, contributing to improved speed, maneuverability, and responsiveness. This weight reduction is particularly advantageous in competitive cycling, where every gram matters.

Moreover, the silicon nitride balls offer exceptional hardness and superior wear resistance. This ensures prolonged service life and reduced maintenance requirements, making them an excellent choice for demanding cycling conditions. The durability of these balls allows cyclists to ride with confidence, knowing that their components can withstand the rigors of off-road trails, rough terrains, and high-speed descents.

Additionally, the silicon nitride material exhibits excellent corrosion resistance. This is particularly beneficial for cyclists who ride in wet or humid environments, as the balls can withstand exposure to moisture without compromising their performance. The corrosion resistance ensures smooth rotation, reduces the risk of rust formation, and extends the lifespan of the bicycle components.

Furthermore, our silicon nitride balls have a very low coefficient of friction, resulting in reduced energy loss and improved efficiency. This translates to enhanced power transfer, allowing cyclists to pedal more efficiently and effectively. The reduced friction also contributes to smoother operation, reduced wear on surrounding components, and a more enjoyable riding experience.

ACER Racing's 1/4" silicon nitride balls for bicycles offer exceptional performance, durability, and weight reduction advantages. Their advanced ceramic construction, reduced weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and low friction make them a preferred choice for cyclists looking to enhance their performance and reliability. Whether used in road bikes, mountain bikes, or other cycling disciplines, these balls continue to prove their worth by delivering optimal performance and reliability on the road or trail.

1/4" Ceramic Silicon Nitride Balls