The 8x22x7 mm Bearing from ACER Racing is Incredible for Skaters

For over 25 years, ACER Racing has provide the absolute best in R/C racing accessories. Our track record and history in national and international racing speaks volumes about our impeccable work ethic and skill. Yet, we believe that actions speak louder than words, and by that logic, ball bearings like our 8x22x7mm bearing positively scream.

The 8x22x7 mm PTFE sealed bearing features dual grey seals and our tried and proven nylon inner cage technology. For cyclists, R/C racers and skateboarders alike, our bearings contribute invaluably to our reputation as the hardest balls in the industry. The bearing – much like our 5x10x4mm bearing – offers racers the benefits of reduced friction and centrifugal force, without sacrificing durability.

It should come as no surprise that our 8x22x7 mm bearing is particularly popular about skateboarders. Skaters are well-known in the industry for subjecting their bearings to all sorts of abuse. We don't blame them – that's the nature of extreme sports. It's also the reason we've designed our bearings to handle major load and shock forces to all parts of the bearing.

Featuring diamond polished ceramic balls, the bearings are essential for those who are looking to skate faster, longer and with more durability. Bearings like our 8x22x7 (the 3/16x3/8 bearing is another great example) are the next step forward for a company that was made famous for cutting-edge bearings like our Ceramic Nitride pro-series silicon nitride differential balls. Simply put, if you want to race, cycle or board longer, faster and harder, trust ACER Racing to make you a champion.