The 6806 Bearing from ACERBike Provides for Optimal Performance

At Acer Racing, you'll find the kind of ceramic ball bearings that top racers have come to trust for the freest movement, smoothest transitions and optimal performance on the track. Since 1989, we've pioneered technologies that allow remote controlled models to race faster and longer, and today, we've taken our exceptional RC racing products and applied the same technology for exceptional results through our ACERBike line of bicycle racing products.


For cyclists, there is perhaps no better way to enhance performance than with our 6806 bearing. This ceramic bearing, also known as a 61806 bearing, works wherever a 30x42x7 mm ball bearing is needed. It allows cyclists to improve the speed and performance of their bikes, leading to bearings that are more durable, more resistant to friction and heat, and immune to corrosion. 


6806 bearings from ACER Racing can be purchased individually or in a complete ball bearing kit, depending on one's needs. Perhaps most incredibly, the durability of these bearings means they'll last up to 10 times longer than steel bearings, making them an incredible value with low ACER Racing pricing. As our loyal customers are no doubt aware, we have no minimum for free shipping, so feel free to purchase exactly what you need, no matter how large or small your order.


Whether you're looking to own the RC track against the pros, or improve performance while cycling, with ACER Racing and ACERBike, you can expect high performance, super strong and ultralite ceramic, carbon fiber and titanium products, and of course, the hardest balls in the industry.