Skaters Gain the RC Racing Edge with 8x22x7mm Bearings

ACER Racing has long established its ability to stimulate RC racing dominance, so when it branched to serve skateboarders and speed skaters, industry insiders noticed. The company’s versatility is evidenced by the popular 8x22x7mm bearing, designed for the specific demands of skateboarders. Sealed with PTFE and incorporating the company’s HSR inner-cage technology, the 8x22x7mm bearing applies the winning formula used since 1989 with ACER Racing's proven RC and bike bearings.

The ACER Racing approach is to provide the hardest and fastest balls in the industry, for optimum results regardless of the competitive conditions. We acknowledge the rough forces and types of abuse skateboards must sustain, and are excited to offer the hard-and-fast 8x22x7mm bearing (also known as the 608 bearing) to a new audience. For other examples of ACER Racing’s diversity, you can look no further than our r166 bearing or the 6700 bearing.

The r166 bearing is made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing material. With dimensions of 3/16th x 3/8th inches, the r166 bearing can be used on electric motors and a myriad of other consumer and industrial machines, basically on anything that needs a bearing of that dimension. The 6700 bearing is also made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing material and can be used anywhere that a 10x15x4 mm ball bearing is required. ACER is known for providing the fastest, lightest, smoothest and hardest balls in the industry for a variety of applications.

Since 1989, ACER Racing has pioneered technologies to let remote-controlled models race faster and longer, and we have expanded to also produce better performances for bikes and skate wheels. Our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series silicon nitride differential balls have impressed with their 79% weight savings and even greater durability, hardness and smoothness compared with Tungsten Carbide balls. The toughness and efficiency of our ball bearings are on full display with the 8x22x7mm bearing (and 608 ceramic bearing) which features our diamond polished ceramic balls to withstand all the pounding that skateboarders can bring.