In the Competitive World of RC Racing the Small Details Matter

In professional RC racing, you need every single advantage you can get. That’s why professional racers choose ACER Racing to supply some of their most critical components. Champions know that, when every fraction is on the line, uncompromising performance isn’t a matter of preference, but is a key component of victory. With over two decades of experience and top of the line craftsmanship, our team gives racers the edge with high performance racing ball bearings that are the product of pioneering technology and unrivaled quality.

The right ball bearings can be the difference between the rear of the pack and the podium. At ACER Racing, our legendary ceramic nitride pro-series silicon nitride differentials balls and ceramic ball bearings lead the industry, and are the international bench mark for championship RC racing. Our ceramic diff balls are 79% lighter than tungsten carbide which helps make them the winningest ball bearings out there. The ACER Racing r166 bearing was born from this tradition, and is SIN synthetic oiled and dual sealed. Similarly, our 8x22x7mm bearing has dual PTFE seals, and is a part of ACER Racing’s proven HSR inner cage technology.

At ACER Racing, we know you need your components quickly. In celebration of our 25th year anniversary, we’re happy to announce 25% to 75% off of every single one of our world class products including our high demand 6700 bearing. ACER Racing believes in a winning legacy. With our team on your side you’ll be able to establish one of your own.