Bearings for any Budget at ACER Racing - Hardest Balls in the Industry

ACER Racing's goal is to bring our ball bearings—"the Hardest Balls in the Industry"—to as many RC enthusiasts as possible. This is why the team here offers three types of ball bearings, perfectly adjustable to any person's budget.

Ceramic Ball Bearings

Our ceramic nitride pro series ball bearings are the cream of the crop here at ACER Racing. The diamond polished balls in our ceramic ball bearings have helped bring national and international success to the best RC racers in the world. Extremely light and outrageously durable, these ball bearings allow the most driven competitors in the world to race harder, longer.

Polyamide Ball Bearings

ACER Racing offers an affordable alternative to the ceramic ball bearing in our Polyamide sealed range. Lubed with ACER Racing's world-famous ACERGoo 100% synthetic lube and using our HCCA ultralite balls, these bearings are an excellent first step in hardcore racing.

Teflasonic Ball Bearings

These ball bearings are ideal for the casual RC racer who wants ACER Racing quality and isn't quite ready to commit to our top of the line ceramic ball bearings yet. These bearings are a classic choice; they're just as durable as the Polyamide bearings, with the only differences being that they're lubricated with grease and sealed with PTFE bearing seals.

And more of the Hardest Balls in the Industry!

If you're having difficulty tracking down the exact bearings or ball bearing kit you need, feel free to contact us online. The staff at ACER Racing can send you a customized order with an incredibly competitive price quote.