ACER Racing's Ball Bearings and Lubricant are a Winning Combination

Since the discovery of the principle behind the mechanics of ball bearings by Leonardo da Vinci there have been tremendous advances in the design and engineering of ball bearings. The purpose is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads.

ACER Racing has been on the cutting edge of miniature ball bearing technology. Since 1989 ACER Racing has pioneered technologies to allow RC vehicles to race faster, longer. Our legendary Ceramic Nitride pro series differential balls and ball bearings stunned the RC racing scene with balls achieving a 79% weight savings and even greater durability, hardness and smoothness than Tungsten Carbide. We became known as “the hardest balls in the industry.” Since then our quality and performance have made ACER Racing ball bearings standard equipment in RC cars of numerous national and international champions.

Our proprietary ball bearing tolerances insure that our ball bearings will be able to withstand the rigors of off road and on road RC vehicle stresses including dirt and high heat. Our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series balls, which are used in our ceramic ball bearings, have a 2552 degree F melting temperature to insure that they will not be affected by heat during a race. They also weigh 79% less than Tungsten Carbide balls. They last on average 10 times longer, run 20 to 40% faster, and have 33% less friction than standard ball bearings.

Our HSR inner ball bearing cage technology is designed to withstand high RPMs transmitted from the drive gear to the ball bearings without ball bearing deformation. Our no contact ball bearing seals strike a delicate balance between friction free rotation and dirt and foreign particle expulsion. Our special proprietary ball bearing lubricant and lubrication process allows for our balls to be ionically bonded with a slippery protective coating of our world famous SIN synthetic lubricant. Track tested and race proven, all ACER Racing ball bearings are engineered to allow you to race faster, longer, race after winning race.