ACER Racing has the Winningest Ceramic Ball Bearings on the Planet

Ever since 1989, ACER Racing has applied the most innovative technologies to our wide selection of ball bearings, creating a reputation for "the hardest balls in the industry." The quality of our products has truly spoken for itself throughout the years, garnering international media attention and world-wide acclaim through the sheer number of races won. Nonetheless, here's how ACER Racing's bearings allow our customers to race faster, harder, and longer.

Race Faster

Ceramic ball bearings from ACER Racing use ceramic balls which are 79% lighter when compared to tungsten carbide balls without sacrificing any durability. In addition to their lightness, these allow for 33% less friction than standard ball bearings. ACER Racing's bearings have propelled racers like Jeremy Kortz, Greg Degani, Chad Bradley, and more into their rightful world-wide champion positions.

Race Harder

Our ceramic nitride pro series ball bearings are shatter-proof and the only thing harder than these balls is diamond. The unique properties of ACER Racing's ceramic ball bearings also prevent deformation under intense heat and loads, allowing for consistently solid performance throughout their lifetime.

Race Longer

ACER Racing's ceramic ball bearings are most definitely a premium product; they have a slightly higher upfront cost, but they'll outlast any other ball bearing on the market. It's an investment in durability because our ceramic material has been proven to survive longer than other materials, saving you money over the long run.

Our cutting-edge ceramic ball bearings are available individually or in complete kits; no matter your choice, ACER Racing's products always ship for free. Contact ACER Racing online here or by phone at 310.472.8090 with any questions you may have.